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Terms of service


1. Child porn is extremely forbidden and will result in termination of all posters after being reported to the proper authorities.
1a. In order to protect children, Users must be adults and only users can see your profile. This means porn as your "profile picture" or in your "About" is allowed. 
1b. Nudity is not allowed on the blog and anyone who posts there with a nude profile picture will have privileges taken away.

2. Bullying a complete badass/real anon/conspiracy theory badge holder will result in a ban if they want you banned.

3. Bullying anyone except a complete idiot, antifa, pedo, fascists, and fake anon badge holders who is guilty of doing something wrong; can result in a ban.
3a. Anyone who can be bullied on this social media website is not allowed to get offended at all as long as it is justified, they must accept the bullying and grow up or they need to leave!!!

4. Spamming anyone or almost any forum/page will result in an instant ban unless you are a complete badass/real anon badge holder spamming others for a justified reason.
4a. spamming is allowed in the "spam your content" topic on the forum. That is the only place it is allowed but don't spam too much and get me mad or else I will start deleting it all and consider banning you if you don't stop after I ask you to slow down.
4b. Anyone who can be justifiably spammed must accept the spam. If they do not like it then they need to leave.

5. Any talk of self hurt or hurting others will put the user on watch, I will message that user and see what is really going on before I decide what to do. If I feel like any lives are at risk I will then call 911. Remember I have your IP address and name/email. That is all I need really.

6. Promoting anything that seems to be illegal will put the user on watch and I will question them about their content.

7. Heavily discriminating/insulting anyone in a highly negative manor based on beliefs, viewpoints, ideas, sex, skin/eye color, ethnicity, and or disabilities will get posts deleted and or instant ban unless the person discriminated against you first or is a very evil person and you have legit evidence to prove it. That or if they decide to let you stay after I ask them what they think the punishment should be.

8. Saying the n word or any word that could get me sued (especially if it is done enough times or with enough people doing it all at once like a hate group) it will result in posts getting deleted no matter the context! I will question you first if I am unsure what your context is and if you seem immorally hateful then I will ban you from the site. However if it was something else I will ask you to use leet code for the word instead or put a couple ***. The fact you have to be an adult to use this site I will let a lot of stuff slide but remember to keep it rated T for teen in the blog and also remember I don't like evil people!

9. I can delete anyone for whatever reason I want and can delete whatever I want for whatever reason I want. I only say this in case I forgot to mention something here and you go do/post a bad thing I don't want here. For example scamming, I didn't feel like adding it in because I said we don't support illegal activity here however I'll say it anyways now that I mentioned it. NO SCAMMERS ALLOWED!!!!. Definitely no immoral criminals allowed in at all!!! I will delete them all.
9a. If you break my TOS rules then I can without warning change your name, edit your posts, delete whatever I want, make fun of you, troll you, spam you, and edit your account information if I see fit.
9b. If you break TOS rules I can also block your email and IP address depending on the severity.
9c. I can update the TOS in the blog so look for my posts in there to stay updated! 

10. I can get your gps location if you give access, I can get your IP, I can see the device you use, and I can see your email as well with anything else you may allow me to see. So remember to be Anonymous if you are shy.
10a. All real anon badge holders can now view site users IP's and time the user logged in. They can access it at any time by navigating to the hidden Anonymous group. The admin will add people to it as he sees fit but they must be real anon badge holders only!

11. Members need to get along, debates are okay and arguments allowed but heavily negative fights will not be accepted which can result in bans. For example, name calling is off limits and so is any kind of attack whether it be spam or phishing! I want this to be a friendly community full of friends or at very least people who get along!

12. I can add to the terms of service and privacy policy whenever I feel the need to so check back every once in a while to see if this changes.
12a. I can add to the terms of service and privacy policy in the blog before changing it here on this page, so make sure to subscribe if you want to stay immediately updated every time about new rules that may be thought of last minute.

13. You must be Anonymous or love/like Anonymous to be a member here. Everyone else will get banned.​

14. This site nor the owner promotes illegal activity at all. We will not be responsible for anybody's actions after they go on this website.

15. Complete badass/Real Anons badge holders can spam, harass, bully, manipulate, and troll all complete idiot/fake anon badge holders. If they don't like it they can leave the website.

16. I expect all my users to understand that I do not do business with or own any of the embedded websites I may add to my pages. They are just links to help us all communicate or learn together better. If at all the website owners request it to be taken down it will be, however I believe they are open source. This is a social media website after all, I could just post the links in the forum or groups so I doubt anyone will care.

17. You must understand I do not take credit for everything. You will find links, photos, and videos on this site that I do not own the rights to. If someone just so happens to find their content on my site and want it down or want a small one time payment to keep it, then I will consider my options and we will come to a mutual understanding whether I have to take it down or not but they must provide EXPONETIAL evidence that they own the rights or otherwise I will decline their demands! That also implies to third party embedded apps that I add.

18. You must be a fully legal adult to use this site. If I catch any underage accounts then they will be deleted. This is to provide my adult family a place that they can post anything necessary in private groups/forums/ect, besides for CP obviously which is absolutely banned!!! THE BLOG IS rated T for teens ONLY!!!!!! Everywhere else you can post is unrated. So keep it rated T for teen on the blog or i will take your privileges away and will consider banning you. ALSO THE BLOG IS ANON CONTENT ONLY. Only things Anons want to see (If I like you, chances are high I want to see it regardless if it relates to Anons or not but if it doesn't and you post off topic stuff there to much then I will start deleting it after talking to you about it) and serious life changing alerts like if your family passes or a tornado is near by you, something like that I will obviously allow on the blog. The admin is an exception but he will try his best to keep it 100% Anon content and updates about the site. Everything else may be deleted a hour after alerting the poster that it is scheduled to be deleted. This is to provide enough time for them to save it all and post it somewhere else like their own group or the discussion topic in the forum. There is a 3 strike system here then privileges are taken. Which can only be given back if you fill out a form and if I decide to let you be a writer again.

19. If found posting CC from any unwilling participates then you will either get banned or posts deleted depending on your motives and morals. I will not become an accomplice to any crime you commit on here and if I believe a crime is being committed I may be entitled by law to alert the authorities so don't be stupid or we both might get in trouble! Otherwise this website will be at risk of getting taken down if you and I don't listen, so play it smart!

20. If you believe to find someone hosting fake news then you must alert it to the admin Anonbot420 with a crown next to the name and also understand this is a freedom of speech website however if they constantly lie and never have any evidence to even remotely back up their claims then i will remove them. I have encountered fake hackers in the past for example who are bullies and they are not welcome here believe me!!! This is a trolling website but if you troll the admin without actually being apart of the Anonymous collective then chances are very high you will get the boot.

21. If i find you constantly posting propaganda and mainstream media lies then you will be terminated from use of this site.

22. No Trump supporters allowed, no Biden supporters, no Antifa, no racists, no kkk, no proud boys, no terrorists, no evil people, NO NAZI, no fascists and no fake Anons are allowed to use this site. If you are caught supporting any hate groups then I will exterminate you off my website.

23. All real Anons are complete badasses on here and IRL.

24. All reports must go straight to the admin Anonbot420!!! Message him or his bot!!!! They can assist you!

25. Real Anons/Pro Hackers/complete badass badge holders have practically full range here so be nice to them.
25a. All Real Anons/Pro Hackers/complete badass badge holders must comply with my rules. They cannot hack without my permission. For example if they wanted to delete accounts they don't like, posts, or change anything on this website then they must first ask me. If they do change something without my permission they can be subjected to me reporting them to Wix/FBI/or deleting them from the site if they do not stop me with some hack from doing that to them; unless I decide the change was good for this website. For another example, if you mod out the site somehow to add video chat; I would be as quiet as a cricket and as happy as a billionaire. However if that video chat came with a high cost like adware, any malware at all, or immense website crashes then I would want you to change it back or I would do it myself and report you.

26. You must understand before joining or even viewing my website that anything you see here can be for satire and or educational purposes! This is not your safe space if you aren't Anonymous or if you don't like/love Anonymous!

27. You must agree to the terms of service and privacy policy before even entering my site at all, member or no member! Just like any other social media. This is why it is always important to read fine print. If you are offended, hurt, scared, sad, butt hurt, or whatever then you must understand i deeply apologize. However just because i am sorry does not mean it isn't your own fault! You must read this all before using the site! If you don't it is all on you! Enter at your own risk! Beware of anything that could make you want to start a law suit against me! I already explained that stuff posted on this site could be satire, educational, or even just perspective/belief! It is up to you to decide right from wrong based on your own Countries laws, mainstream media propaganda, big pharma company, and the feds if you have those or KGB in Russia. LOL Remember we are all adults here trying to share our ideas, jokes, ect without getting banned... If no serious laws were broken then why would i ban them? We have freedom of speech in America!!! If we want to make extremist jokes like famous comedians do for example, then we have every "god" given right to!!! We shouldn't even get questioned about it but i will question them as i stated above for evidence purposes in case some ass hat investigators get involved in on the joke and waste everybody's time including their own.......... Say for example if someone says "#rapepolice" as a tweet/joke to Barrett Brown after he was arrested for holding a sign in the UK... I don't ban people for making jokes like Twitter did to me! If you apologize we can be friends here still, regardless of what you said.
27a. Every time the TOS is updated, I will alert all users to check it out for a re-read. They must accept the new TOS by head nodding to their web cameras. Otherwise if they do not accept it, then they will be subject to bans.

28. Due to the fact I hate bloatware, all normie posts may be deleted to declutter the blog. So keep backups on your own devices or post it somewhere else on the site just in case you like posting things unrelated to the collective or not the things they want to see/hear. Sorry but i am trying to keep this blog as a strictly Anon only content even though you can post whatever you want in the forums/groups. The blog; i only give posting access to people i trust after they have been a member on the site for some time or if I follow them on twitter/friended them on Facebook back then when I used those websites.

29. Remember that on this site the only person liable is yourself. If you get harassed, bullied, spammed, hacked, doxed, or anything at all then it is your own fault. This is an enter at your own risk zone, kind of like at beaches without a life guard. There might be laws still protecting you from dangers but I won't be liable if something goes wrong. This is no business social media. This is a virtual family connecting together without worry of getting banned by deplorable people reporting things that is a joke or the actual truth about a deadly virus. If you piss one of my members off and they kick your ass, it isn't my fault!!! Enter at your own risk! If you are not Anonymous or love Anonymous then chances are high this isn't a safe place for you, go somewhere else!!

30. Some badge holders like complete idiot/fake anon/sheople/zombie badge holders might not get banned immediately. Depending on what the people aware of him/her/it want to happen. Majority rules here as long as no agreements are broken! This is to protect me and my site for as long as possible, otherwise I'd delete all of this and say go loose but people can be held accountable for their actions unfortunately sometimes even if they don't deserve punishment so that's why i write terms of service to protect myself and this social media.

31. All presumed to be pirated content will be deleted if I suspect it to be pirated and can prove so.

32. Warning for people with epilepsy. There may be flashing lights on this website anywhere you navigate to. This could be from screen load up or even other users activities (posts and profile pictures)... We suggest to dim the screen and be on alert to look away if needed. We apologize if any stimuli bothers you.

33. To truly be Anonymous on here you need a vpn before even signing up. Unfortunately Wix is starting to block all Tor traffic (as of 4/7/23)!!! I have no fucking idea why but I still love them and VPN's with encrypted traffic still work here which is very similar to Tor and sometimes may even be more secure too depending on the VPN APP you use! Regardless of this dns spoof might also work as well amongst other tools to stay Anonymous. Now we talked about the tools you need we will talk about OPSec. OPSec is operational security, the operation you perform for your security. For example (using the same VPN on the same device every time to go online) or (Using an account that does not have any person information attached to it plus if it was created by someone else's Device ID) OPSec can confuse ISIS hackers for example and keep you alive/safe. So here are some accounts I created that anyone can log into. You will be very Anonymous on these accounts granted you remain within good OPSec.  
EMAIL: anonymous5@anonymous.anonymous PASSWORD:
If you need more just ask, do not be shy!

34. Everything you see here is a written contract between me and you. I promise to provide you with all these services under my terms. At no time will I ever delete this website! If I do delete it some day then I give you permission to sue and or hack my ass. This is to provide you the user with comfort knowing that your content will never be taken down by me, so long as you obey these terms. Only way this website goes down is if wix goes down or if someone else hacks wix and deletes it. Now please agree to these terms by head nodding to your screen....... We are now under a written contract together.

Privacy Policy

1. I will not sell any of your DATA and there are no ads on this website that could do so either. Wix may though so if you are conserned, please read their TOS at

2. Your email, IP, Device, Browser, and other details about you will be saved in the "Wix server cloud" to help us identify you and give you a good user experience (This website will remember you everytime you acess the site and it will log you right in). If you do not like that you could use a fake email, fake name, and all other fake info to create an account while using a vpn and other anonymizing tools like cookie blockers. This site use to work good while using tor as well but now as of lately (4/7/23) my tor nodes have been getting blocked by Wix's servers so try to experiment yourself if you are that paranoid about the virtual tracks you leave behind and I wish you good luck with your OPSec.

3.If your account gets deleted for disobeying TOS then everything will be permanently erased
3.1. If you want your account deleted you must ask the admin Anonbot420 for his permission to delete it. Since Wix did not offer an option for users to delete it their self the admin finds that hilariously helpful for allowing him to have more control over users in the event it may be necessary. 
3.2. All users are allowed to delete all their info except for the provided email/password used to login; which can be changed to login but original login details remain permanent on Wix's servers.
3.3. All users are allowed to download their content back from the site in the event they choose to take it somewhere else. If a user breaks TOS then the admin may alert them they are getting banned and will be provided some time to do it depending on the severity of what Terms (TOS) that they disagreed on.

4. I might steal memes and videos so remember if you don't want others seeing something make sure to tell me and anyone who can see it.

5. You can decline cookies or accept them. Up to you. You can also decline any info asked of you, not sure if the website would still load for you but if you are a DEV you could even decline a device or IP check (for example DNScrypt allows users to login without me knowing a single detail about their location, like not even an IP exit node, it will say "no IP found") if you use it along side your VPN or tor.

6. We do not give a shit if you use device spoofers or anything that helps you be Anonymous. From our experience, Fake names/fake emails/device spoofers/gps spoofers/VPN's work good on this website and the "spaces by wix" app.

7. Public info you share is available for all members to see unless they are blocked. I will not be responsible if they share your public data without your permission. Do not share anything on this site if you are afraid someone will use it against you.
7a. The only private place on this website is groups if you make them private. You can post whatever you want there besides for CP and never have to worry about anyone bothering you because of it, think of it as a confession box; I may know everything in there if I check it out but I won't hold it against you or even admit that I know/seen it. You can feel safe to post whatever you want there and not be afraid as long as you make it hidden/private and choose wisely who you add in it (say for example if your posts are embarssing or could get you in trouble, my lips are sealed to protect my users)!

8. I can monitor your use of this site. Meaning I can see where you spend most of your time or where you click the most but I will only do that if you break my TOS.

9. I will not gather any personal information about a user at all; unless I have proof they are disagreeing with my terms of service.
9.1. This means I promise not to read text messages sent between two separate users unless they give permission and I will not gather any info at all but Wix will gather certain DATA which was already listed above.
9.2. This entire page is a contract you have to "sign" to use my site by agreeing to it. As long as you obey my terms of service then your privacy will not be interfered with at all by me. Wix on the other hand may be different so read their TOS too if you are paranoid about them and their decision making. However I am 99% sure they only step in if you are a terrorist or a cp poster. 


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