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Anon Websites

Open Web

IRC website

First Anonymous IRC website ever, focused on helping hackers with Botnet/communications.

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Social media websites

Other great options for Anons looking for a safe space/echo chamber where they belong.

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Information websites

Websites made for Anons by Anons so we have more spaces to teach and learn.

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Forum website

FIRST Anonymous website ever made. Created by the creator of Anonymous. Used by LuLzsec hackers back in the day.

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Ghost Exodus

Is a blog website hosted by a professional hacker and once cyber criminal. Has a great source of hacker posts.

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Anonymous France

A great website for French Anons and people who want to learn about them. Also another great place to learn about Anonymous

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Deep Web

What could come next?

Coming soon???

I no longer can find any Anonymous websites on the deepweb. When I find one it will be added here.

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