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About Us

What they wanted to cover up.

We are Anonymous. 

We are legion.

We are a collective.

We want Julian Assange to be freed!


My Story

It all began in 5th grade. My mother became a realtor. She sold a house to a Dominican family in my school district area. She thought it would be great for me to meet one of the children from the family because we were the same age, same class, and going to the same school. I was playing my new psp when they brought him to meet me. I couldn't get my eyes off it. The Spanish kid came walking over with interest to make a new friend and told me he knows all about those devices. Later i was invited over to their house where he jailbroke my psp giving me a ton of free games. It was awesome and we quickly became friends even though i had no idea how to use it. After that he jailbroke my ipod touch and got me free apps and free in app purchases. It was awesome. I wanted to go over his house all the time. He then showed me Alex Jones talking about illuminati and tupac talking about killuminati. After that i was hooked on learning new things instead of playing games 24/7. He showed me how he edited his own music and made videos. He even modified his own coupons for us to get free stuff from the store, learned from a hacker on 4chan. He showed me just enough for me not to be a boring sheople. Ever since then i have been finding great content online like Anonymous talking about the cure for cancer, cannabis oil. I was instantly hooked in the collective. This was around 2011 when i first knew i was a part of their collective. My new friend created the YouTube account for me around 2008 before that and i started liking stuff to save it for later ever since. I instantly grew my knowledge more and more. Today i am still growing my knowledge and intend on continuing, One day i hope to see this website have a lot of anon users and be a very advanced website. 

Our Story

This websites story is obviously different. It all started back on Facebook when i first found Anons somewhere besides 4 chan and YouTube. Facebook really brought us together. Video chats, groups, posts, private messages, and to be able to add people as friends really brought us together. However with globalist Zionist Lizard man Mark Zuckerberg in charge it presented to us a serious challenge. That being, how are we suppose to be friends if the shape shifting lizard man keeps shadow banning us and censoring us. Every month i was getting banned for a month. Over things like a covid meme... It is utter madness to us as to why we should be blocked from our family over posting a meme. That is when i lost it and had enough of the shit. People were bullying my Anon family on Facebook calling us all kinds of horrible things. Then as soon as we would respond with jokes back at them they would report us and we'd get banned not them. So then i found Anonsforever dot com. It was a copy of Facebook but for Anons made by Anons. It lasted a year or so... After that it seemed we were all alone and then came to my attention. At the time it was said to be created by Anons but may have been sold to someone else because it changed a lot over night and i can't find any evidence anymore that an Anon was in control of it however it and mewe seemed like our only options for freedom. Then freenet . space and anonymous united came to the scene. Freenet was possibly the best with the most active users. Yet atlas they went down for unknown reasons as well. After investing much time into freenet i was devastated and had to do something. I instantly created my own chat box website and found an anon created social media; which is great but i was afraid it could end up like all the others (It shut down after I wrote this...) so i went on a quest to create my own. It was a very quick quest luckily for me and within under 24 hours i had my own social media network for Anons. With my own bot, chats, posts, groups, and ect... This website will never go down on my watch so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to me and my impact on our usability. This website is made for users to choose whether they want to be completely Anonymous or not without someone deleting their account.

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