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When it comes to hardcore toxic/highly addictive drugs, I back the men in blue. Never sell it here!!

I will alert the proper authorities without thought. Now when it comes to drugs like moon shine, cannabis, lsd, shrooms, peyote, salvia, and DMT; I may turn a blind eye to it and just completely forget about it because it is not important enough for me to give a shit depending on who you are, why you have it, who you will give it to...

When it comes to heroin, coke, crack, and fetanol; I would only be able to forget about something like that if it was sold to a man like my Uncle who has holes in his bones from cancer. That serious kind of pain needs to be treated; but did you know BIG PHARMA wont give you pain medicine if you dont take chemo "therapy" (mustard gas injected into your arm to try and kill cancer cells)...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️So if you cant get it from Big Pharma I guess their only option is the cartel or isis/taliban/extremist muslims....

All other drugs I am strictly against and will report to the FBI, so keep it off my website!!!

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