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When it comes to hardcore toxic/highly addictive drugs, I back the men in blue. Never sell it here!!

I will alert the proper authorities without thought. Now when it comes to drugs like moon shine, cannabis, lsd, shrooms, peyote, salvia, and DMT; I may turn a blind eye to it and just completely forget about it because it is not important enough for me to give a shit depending on who you are, why you have it, who you will give it to...

When it comes to heroin, coke, crack, and fetanol; I would only be able to forget about something like that if it was sold to a man like my Uncle who has holes in his bones from cancer. That serious kind of pain needs to be treated; but did you know BIG PHARMA wont give you pain medicine if you dont take chemo "therapy" (mustard gas injected into your arm to try and kill cancer cells)...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️So if you cant get it from Big Pharma I guess their only option is the cartel or isis/taliban/extremist muslims....

All other drugs I am strictly against and will report to the FBI, so keep it off my website!!!

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Feb 12, 2023

The only kind of heroin dealers I like are the ones who strictly only sell to people who can prove they need it for a serious disease/uncurable conditions... People who have paperwork proving who they are, and what is wrong with them. Also they need to prove that they can get it from the doctor instead by showing photos of their pill bottles that they will eventually stop getting subscribbed to them as soon as they quit Big Pharmas toxic games. Otherwise I think the dealer is a scum who could have drugged people for all we know and deserves to get beaten by these cops then bent over by "big bubba" in jail.

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