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Spoof GPS of any Android device

Android is the best phone right under Linux phones which can utilize APK's. Just remember a lot of APK's still use Google servers for purchases and ect.... Regardless you can be completely Anonymous on a Linux phone and still have practically all the user ability that Android users have. This isn't about Linux phones though and that is a talk for another time. This post is about fake GPS. The best app on the playstore possibly when it comes to confusing psychopathic script kiddies about where you are. Say for an example you anger someone on the internet and they want to kill you, plus they are just barely skilled enough to get your GPS location. This app could save your life in that scenario. That is why it is the best on playstore. There are most likely others like it and possibly even better ones but I love this one most because it was the first I found as a teenager. I thought it was fake back then because I was using an outdated device that had no GPS spoof app option in my developer settings. A couple years after that I upgraded phones and realized Android is getting better every year because they have to keep up with the coders who make things like nethunter, Xposed, and magisk. Believe me, if Google didn't make their phones better then those cyber activists would of and they would of made all the money on apps that ask for donations like Magisk or the ones that have in app purchasable upgrades like the root apps that customize every part of your device.

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