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Spanish man kidnaps women to use as a sex slave.

How did these two meet I wonder? He probably approached her first I would bet a million dollars on it. Why do women fall for the first guy that flirts with them when she thinks he has a big dick or a lot of money??? Most women now and days expect equal rights too but wont do anything for it. From what I seen; a lot of women this generation do not care about cleaning, cooking, or taking care of anything. They let their dogs poop collect up in your house instead. Meanwhile they wonder why they can't find a good man but then they open their legs for every piece of shit that flirts with them, especially if she thinks he has a big spanish cock, money, or something else she can use off him. Never once will you ever see a lot of women go to a place a real man could be found like a gym or library so she then can walk up to some guy she thinks is cute and flirt with him instead of waiting for some fuck boy man whore that would usually fuck her instead. You'll always see these girls out at the Casino too or bar hoping talking to their fake friends; they would never approach a guy first even if someone forced them to at gun point. LoL These are selfish depraved no good trashy whores. They have spoons so far up their ass that if you don't hold the door open for them they will just leave you after a one night stand to go to Dubai with their lesbian friends and end up getting kidnapped by ISIS (real men as they would describe it, not afraid to walk up to a women and take her away) lol thats what they all really want I think but who knows really with stupid bitches like them. I supposedly am not good enough for them, whatever. Good ridden, nasty hoes have nasty personalities anyways. If they think I am ugly or think 6 inches isn't long enough, or that a 100 thousand dollar home isn't nice enough, or a 14 thousand dollar jeep wrangler isn't fast enough for them; then I don't want that stupid bitch and neither will anybody else when she starts sagging because she chose lust with some giant dick Spanish guy instead of love with some quiet nerd like me who was too afraid to even approach a women like her because of fear of being rejected or wasting my time again and again only to feel embarrassed and as if something is wrong with me and it is not just a coincidence. Guys like me get depressed and give up. Instead of talking to a nerd she ends up talking to this Spanish guy who has probably been locked up in prison and likes gangs, he isn't afraid of rejection because he will literally kill a women for practically no reason at all!!!! Wake up!!!

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