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Police seem more and more like psychopathic killers every day.

If you are one of the people they decide to let live it can be a very confusing existence. Why do they like you but want to kill teenage girls/black men? Could it have anything to do with relationships in America? So many are turning into interracial relationships. Perhaps they are jealous that the only people that will fuck them are other men? The dating scene in America has been ruined for white men for sure, I don't blame them for getting upset but too many of them go way too far with their anger. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with killing a teenage girl suffering from a mental illness inside a public mall just because she thinks your penis is too small for her. That's another problem in this Country. Society thinks big dicks feel better and are important. Believe me, being BI in my past I can assure you the perfect penis size is 6inchs. The deepest a vagina can go is only 8 inches and that's when it stretches way too much and is gaped enough for a toddler to squeeze out. If you want a gaped vagina that hurts whenever you touch it then be my guest but don't sit there and call my penis small when I hit my black girlfriends g spot all the time. Shit is nonsensical to think some whore would need it bigger. Regardless the whore does not deserve to die and neither does any man just for having a bigger dick then you and could get more women then you could. If you women is a dumb whore and logic/common sense doesn't help fix her then let her learn the hard way! Killing her is just an easier way out for her. Spending the rest of her life with a man she didn't even love just because she wanted her pussy to be in agonizing pain is the worst punishment you could give her.

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