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Let's come to reality about fat shaming.

Most people on Earth are fat or at least have a flabby belly or a belly too skinny and lacking muscle. No one has a truely perfect body except for a select few with really good gentics. All us ugly people can do is pray that these sexy bitches sexually genocide our asses so that our off-spring doesn't have to suffer too. Besides for those select few though, we are all in the same boat and need to learn it is not that upsetting. It is an every day battle though! Staying fit is one of the most complicated things I have tried to do for the past 10 years! I barely eat but my stomach always sticks out and is flabby. Some days though when I really starve myself good it goes flat for a week or so but it is soooo complicated to keep it like that. When I eat it is whatever I am in the mood for so that means I can stuff myself a bit. Im not a complete nut health so fatty/sugary stuff is all good to me.

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