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Larry Silverstein is not even Jewish. Silver is an English word and he has German genetics.

They all are cousin fuckers too. They own everything as well. These men killed innocent Americans to help their war efforts in Palestine. The German scum exterminated nearly every Palestinian within this past few decades. It is the real mass genocide no one is brave enough to talk about. Only psychos like me are man enough to step up and say this man is a piece of shit I bet and probably deserves to be tortured with a sharp stick dipped in lemon juice right in his ass. If he knew the building was going to get hit then someone needs to kill him now. We killed tons of people in Countries that had nothing to do with it all so we can "fight terror" while the real terrorists are probably our ally nazi nation state known as Israel. Maybe. I am speculating. I didn't hack this man, nor did any of my followings on Twitter that I am aware of so all the hitmen can fuck off. These are opinions, not facts; yet?

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