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Klaus Schwab

In my town, this is a threat.

"No one will be safe if they are not all vaccinated."

— Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

They create problems and their "solutions"... What does it mean???... They are authentic man-eating psychopathic animals...

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Well seeing how I was never vaccinated and am still alive after getting covid a few times from people who were vaccinated it is obvious that the vaccinated are the ones who are not safe. Clear as day. Every single person I know who got vaccinated got sick with covid right after within a day or a couple months depending on different variables. It is plain and simple that these people are brain dead sheeple in a flock heading straight towards a cliff while none of them can see it as I fly over like a hawk laughing. It is only funny because they called me crazy and stupid; I laugh at irony.

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