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It is our moral duty as Americans to give America back to the Native Americans.

After we have successfully conquered fascism/imperialism. The real reason all of us fled to America. To get away from the evil rulers. It is the evil rulers who took the land from the natives and shared it with their allies. America was just the people rising up together saying enough is enough. Of course there was evil people who led us into evil wars. Claiming the natives were animals and etcetera. Instead of working with the Natives they conquered them. Very similar to what Israel did to Palestine. We are no better than them. We must repent. We must make things right again. Destroy the evil queens and kings while taking back control for the people. Bringing upon a true democracy for all people of Earth. So they can be free and educated. They shouldn't work in sweat lodges for 25 cents a day. They are not slaves they are human brothers and sisters. We must love each other first if we want to love our self. Wake up. Wake up please....

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