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Hypocrite "Anons":

are the type who say normal Anons can't sell merch or even ask for donations for any reason at all but Anonops and Anonfiles can for some reason. They never say why and they will completely change the topic or ignore you every single time. That is how you know they are truely fake. Infiltrators hate when others make money. I am not saying any of these websites are fake, nor am I saying people who are against Anons making money are fake. Instead I am saying the fake ones are the ones who bully other Anons for trying to oraganize a go fund me for Anons to pass out clean water to Flint, MI citizens. They will yell and and accuse the person of being fake for asking for money and say "real Anonymous doesn't need or ask for money or sell products online". Then after they calm down, if you ask them "why do you share memes about anonops or anonfiles if those websites ask for donations" they will either completely ignore you, start freaking out again, and or block you. That is a fake Anon!!!! Real Anons don't bully other Anons for trying to hustle for a cause! We only get mad if money is pocketed for selfish reasons. Plain and simple. You can keep sharing those memes that say things like "Every Anon must heil these rules" or "If you even ask for money to help a starving child, YOU ARE FAKE ANON NEWBIE!"..... [THESE ARE THINGS THEY ACTUALLY SAY]......

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