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How to install CRdroid, the best ROM for hackers and people who like having lots of options.

Some people might think android 10 is outdated but programmers and skilled script kiddies could update it still. Regardless android 10 will be good for another 5 to 10 years when apps start getting larger and more technologically advanced with code. So that means my phone runs super smooth with no glitches or lags what so ever. I do once in a blue moon have a new app crash and then I have to delete it and find a more compatible app that is similar to it. Other than that though, it is only because I dont have play store but you can get an unofficial play store is you wanted from GAPPS website. I tried it out and the GAPPS also works good on my device I just dont like Google listening or downgrading my device to make it slower. Right now my device with this Rom is the best for its price too. Other ROM's are for digital slaves in my opinion. I have other ROM's on my phone. All are great but CRdroid is best. I wish CRDroid was updated more, 3 years ago was last time they updated it. It is a big ROM that takes up a lot of storage but even with all the options in the settings I noticed it could use a couple extra things but those things dont matter as long as I got a huge list of options that other phones dont have!!! Thats what matters most. Being able to send/spam 200 texts per minute and turning on my torch light from pressing and holding the home screen, for example is virtually and physically empowering for me.

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