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Ground Breaking: Barrett Brown tells me that Jeremy Hammond is friends with a Nazi.

This makes no sense to me and would change everything if true. If these were false flags then they could possibly be used for tightening up security and to pose all the blame on real activists!! I'm not saying anything is or isn't true. I have no idea really but I'd like to believe it isn't true and Barrett is trolling me or someone is pretending to be Jeremy and trolling Barrett. IDK. Barrett is hard to get ahold of though but I will update everyone as time goes on. Feel free to use the search results page to search anything about Barrett that I post on here.

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10 Φεβ 2022

Sounds like Andy Ngo is pretending to be famous hacktivists to fool Barrett into thinking they all conspire against him and his movement. I hope Andy gets his fucking ass beat good. He won't expect us. LoL 😂

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