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George Floyd was actually just a crybaby gangster who resisted arrest many times.

Here he was another time resisting arrest and crying for his moma for no reason at all. They let him go after charging him with possession of unprescribed pills that he was selling to white minors. This was after his domestic dispute charge. George also likes counterfeit money that he would use to scam small businesses with. George was a grade A domesticated terrorist. His last arrest reminds me a lot of the meth head who was resisting arrest and fought off a cop so he could get in his car to drive away, right before getting into a huge police chase, and getting caught with a baggie of meth on him. That is normally the number one reason they resist arrest and do so many evil/abusive acts on innocent people, it's because they are junkies. We can blame their dealers for a lot of this criminal mischief.

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