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Every year or less, Big Media has to report about seaweed or algae. As if it matters.

Extra food for animals is not a bad thing. This is what water looked like before human intervention. Quit bitching about it. Be thankful this shit still grows in the Ocean with all the pollution. Fuck tourism!!! The only time things like this can be bad is if it takes out fish. This is why Humans need to keep fish farms. When the sea weed gets eaten up by bugs we'll put the fish back in the mangroves aquatic barrier. Anyone who knows fish though knows this only kills off some fish, not all fish. I had an algae bloom in a fish tank. It was so bad a 20 gallon was over half way filled with it. I only had one guppie fish die at night with 20 other guppies in the tank. At night the plants stop producing Oxygen and start producing their own co2 instead like we do. All plants do this except plants like snake plants which are like other plants but opposite, it produces ocygen at night. With waves/wind blowing all over the water; Oxygen from the sky can be absorbed into the water (keeping fish alive at night); or in a fish tank the filter and or bubler does that just as well. What we really need is not to remove this seaweed but genetically modify an aquatic plant to only produce Oygen at night and make it like a vine which clings onto other seaweed for competition, problem solved! There might already be a plant like this that we haven't even discovered yet. Stay curious people.

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