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Barrett Brown tells me Andrew Auernheimer is a Nazi and was never Anon but was from similar chans

Sounds like to me something Andrew would do, join a Nazi group. He was always very anti Zionist and thought the Jews controlled the world. I just think he should of just joined Anonymous instead but he was fueled by anger and hate towards the entire Religion it seems. Judaism is a disgusting Religion after all just look at the police bust in NYC with a Jewish Rabbi accidentally giving a baby HIV during circumcisions the most painful and unimaginable way possible. Which is illegal in NY but they do it behind closed doors. These are criminals, I am not denying that. However some of them can still be good people and break free from their families manipulative fairy tale bullshit. So why the hate? You can still rally against the Zionist leaders being Anonymous just as easy as you could being a Nazi. It is more then just that though that's why. It has to be something much deeper like a hatred of his own family. Perhaps he was abused or neglected, did some research on how evil his culture/Religion was, and decided to become a Nazi. Possibly hurting every other Jew he finds. Jews who could just be innocent brainwashed sheople. Being a black sheep we can erect a wall in front of the cliff so the idiots don't go over then find the bastards convincing them and end their reign. Nothing has to extremist, hurting innocent people. Wake up! Good needs to triumph over evil. I'm not talking about none of that made up mumbo jumbo religious bullshit either!!! I'm talking about real good vs evil!!! Right vs wrong!!! Innocent vs guilty!!!! Good must always win no matter what the topic.

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