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Even though Anonfiles does it and so many others as well too. We have nothing against making money at all especially if all of it goes towards the idea of Anonymous to help it grow or be better. Look at Guy Fawkes. He had a plan to get bombs in the parlimont and even had clothes/weapons. What I am saying is every freedom fighter needs money for their self and for the cause. So I respect people who make Anonymous a buisness. I just think it is risky because a lot of Anons won't trust you unless they really get to know you well and even then they will have their gaurds up at all time. Not only will you repel a lot of good people you would also be putting a target on your head to all our enemies... It is not something everyone should try. Lawsuits, murder, shunning, getting zero customers, raids, arrests, and other hard shit is things that very likely might affect you if you try to turn anonymous into a buisness. So for that reason I decided to quit after a single Q Anon said something about it, I realized what kind of target i painted on my back for doing so. I wasn't quote on quote turning Anonymous into a buisness and was just using that as a metaphor though. No one else i know did either. Real Anonymous hacks evil Governments and buisnesses, what i was doing was just trying to help people who appreciate me and my website pay for it if they choose; in different ways whether through donation or supporting me by wearing my shirts. Like I said though that attracts a lot of enemies and puts a target on my head, so i quit forever trying that. If you see anybody with my name trying it, it is not me!

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