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They blame it on fetanol and heroin but what if it is something else. Something mainstream media doesn't want you knowing! Something that might get you so mad you will put on an antifa mask or Q Anon mask the next day and start rioting??? What if you and all your coworkers/friends were affected by it. I'm talking of course about, people getting fired in mass like what happened in Twitter but for a different reason. As "Marijuana" (Cannabis Sativa) starts becoming more and more legal, bells may be going off in peoples heads as to why it may be. Well of course the quick answer is that we the people are super powerful in masses and can rip entire buildings down with our bare hands. So my real question is, what if some snitch ass bitch going around working for new companies is snitching on everyone and their entire family tree plus all their friends/coworkers? What if they pretend to be cool and so they can perform undercover off duty sting operations that are all done unprofessionally. What if they get details about people and then snitch them all out. These people lose their homes, their kids, their jobs, their weed, their freedom, their bongs, and their dogs (if it is big and barks a lot)...... What if the people in California/New York/etc,,, all got together and did something to show the Government that we are not their dumbed down field slaves anymore and instead want to go be a good little house slave instead? They know our strength and it deeply fears the powers that be. Perhaps their fear inspired them to legalize it. The Shadow Gov, Globalists, and every Government which world leaders all meet together, shake hands, rape children, and do business deals together while they start "wars" with eachother. This isn't a real war though like we see in Ukraine, I am "sure" (65%) if Putin went to Ukraine to meet their leader he would try everything he could to stop the war and if Putin would not listen he quite possibly would kill him or if he was afraid troops would hunt him down after then at very least he would insult Putin like an old angry dirty/wet sailor.

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