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We are on the edge of WW3. Kim fires drone strikes to South Korea.

Is this the start of world war three? Thoughts below.

It took me a while to post this. It just makes me so depressed and drains my energy. I got enough shit to worry about between wind, rain, and snow. Now I gotta worry about bombs or lasers hitting my roof too. This could explain all them forest fires we been having that only burns homes and leaves trees untouched. Other Anons think it was an inside job, at this point; I wish that was the case. Instead what we are dealing with is an insane group of cult followers who will risk their own lives just to stay out of torture camps. That is what we are dealing with. Evil pedophiles who torture their own citizens and will torture you as well if you are in their war path. These are highly dangerous people who also want world domination but in a way more evil fashison. Imagine a world where the sun dont shine anymore because everyone is forced to work in factories that produce smog but your dumb selfish leader is so greedy he just wants more useless shit made by slaves. That is the the kind of world we could live in if you let the Communists win!!!

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