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Warning, paint fumes are extremely toxic to people with asthma and is also for everyone in general.

I learned the hard way and because of it I almost passed out from restricted air flow in my lungs while driving to work going 65 MPH vaping nicotine... I literally almost died last night because of it. Luckily I had breath mints. Mints open up your lungs allowing you to breath a little better. Anything with pepper does really except sweet peppers.

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Black pepper is best for clearing your nose out too but also might help people to breath better after they smell it. Hot pepper also is not the strongest for that either however it will clear out your stomach and skin pores via sweating. Peppermint or anything like it is best for lungs. That includes spearmint and probably others too like basil mint. Mints are usually the only thing I use for my asthma treatments and it works perfectly every time. If it doesn't work I always find out that I actually have a sickness/cold that will pass after some time being healthy and resting.

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