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To me. Kim DotCom looks like that one big dude that everyone wants to be friends with. He can ....

party, code, hack, educate, and the list goes on. A very lovable personality and smile. Definitely one of my role models. His Twitter page is the best and is where he really shows us all who he is deep down inside. I wish he'd join anonsforever. He would make an excellent friend/brother for me. I am just a noob compared to him but if he was willing to teach me stuff I'd be talking to him all the time. I could be wrong about him but I am 99% sure that he is definitely one of us. So much so that for all we know he could be one of the Anon YouTubers we subbed to or even already a member of this site which I doubt but for all I know it could be possible. That is how sure I am of him being a good person with many Anonymous attributes in his character/personality/behaviors. I love it.

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