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This is one of the white mans "justification" for stealing their land.

Natives slaughtering each other is just what Google wants me to see. In fact they suggested it to me. They love talking about how native murdered too whether for food, sport, or war. I honestly believe it 100%. This whole world is full of evil greedy snakes in the grass. It is like a few people lie and one thing leads to another; families are slaughtered in front of their children. That is just the way it goes. Our world's society is very much like the movie "they live" but the guy fawkes mask is the glasses and the lizard people are really just regular humans like us but got dropped as a baby too hard, then became evil/greedy. Afterwards they convince their tribal family that the other tribe robbed him! Then a war breaks out and he takes land/resources/food away from the "one who robbed him". It happens all over really. That is even a first world problem but instead of wars some guy just gets jumped.

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