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The only reason the City of Utica put cameras on Dudley Avenue is because they know.....

Updated: May 10, 2023

They know mine and other people's investigations of these people might end up in a blood bath. If these are Corn Hill Soldiers (CHS gangsters) then the chance they might kill me just for driving down the block is high. People like this need to be taken out with snipers if so and clear the sorounding areas right after to catch all the ones inside hiding. There might be tons of undocumented negros underground from one of those homes. There is a Church ON SOUTH STREET THAT HAS TUNNELS IN IT FROM THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD!!!! That's why they all live in that area and ran all the whites out!!! Be safe officers. When these scumbags kill me or someone else for playing Country music past them once a week, make sure to find their secret tunnels so you can send every single one of them downtown locked up. You might find ABZ controlling CHS in those tunnels as modern day slaves. They might have all the negros on meth. Chinese Communists are horrible people. Might even be some Arabs down there too. Seeing how you need to be on meth to do what the Arabs do and I know a couple who work at corner stores use to be on it.

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