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Seeing sad Communist slaves build computer parts inspired me to thank our production workers in USA!

I was a production worker janitor for a couple of years and it was complete hell. These huge companies spend everything they got on competing with the commies to help out the American economy so much that they can't afford to even turn on A.C. for their employees. It is bad enough they have to dress up in saftey gear and in clean rooms it is even worse, it can reach temps up to 100. I would clean in the clean room for only a hour and come out soaking wet from sweat. It was absolute slavery for minimum wage. For the people who make it their career knowing they could get a better job but don't because they value American made companies and want them to beat China; I salute them all. Thank you for keeping America great, that is something I just couldn't do on such a massive scale. Instead now I got a part time job I love and enjoy my life so much more now. Every day is relaxing to me, so it only makes me want to thank them all even more for the work they put in! China is stealing our technology left and right using spies, they are exchanging our money with their monopoly money that they print more than they actually should so they can scam us to take our gold, they take land away from our allies, they use slave labor to outbid American companies in any international trade contract, they drug as many of our citizens as they can, and they literally act possessed on stage in front of thousands of people as they scream to their citizens propaganda then orders/rules.

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