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Probably won't be posting here very much for a while because of my mood.

Some months I dedicate my time to certain things more than other months. Also my main goal posting here was to show that the website is capable of handling it. That and to portray my different narratives, educate people, and warn people about the potential threats overseas/all over. Now that I have posted a certain amount of posts like that, I almost feel completed here and my last objective is to figure out how to get active users to login daily. Then only reason I will post something is so I don't get buried under all the other accounts posting. That's when I would utilize hashtags more than usual so people can find all my posts about a certain topic if they get too buried. Kind of like on Twitter what everyone does there. Sometimes there are new posts about new important topics but most of the time you can expect Anons to be repetitive with their topics in posts (posting the same message or narrative over and over again). That's what really helps newbies learn though. They need to see a certain topic from many different angles before they might ever understand the meaning behind a single message. Which is why I will never stop posting here even if I did mention everything on here publicly or in groups; because any possible newbies seeing this in the future need to know right from wrong and up to down. I hope anyone reading this understands this all and I hope you have a wonderful week. Peace.

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