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POS criminal bear robs 711 several times in one night!

These things are evil, it almost killed the cashier a few times too but was too occupied by donuts and pretzels. REMEMBER THAT BEARS ARE KNOWN FOR EATING EACHOTHER AND THEY CAN EAT EACHOTHER WHOLE! He could of ate everything in that store with ease!

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Apr 20, 2023

If you are going to feed bears though, I think sugar is best. This way you are convincing the dumb animal to appreciate things humans give it (whether it trys taking with force or it begs some how). You are also getting it on a more vegan friendly diet that is full of calleries which it needs to stay as big as its bone mass is. They are super tall and full of big bones. Big bones need a lot of fat to cover them so donuts or something sugary like it may be the best choice to feed them in my opinion. Remeber though one donut to a bear is like one french fry for you. It needs at…

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