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Please do not confuse us with the old Anonsforever.

We are Anonsforever reborn. As much as we love the old Anonsforever, it was too far ahead of us and our ideas. I will admit the operator of the site appeared to be way more profesional. I would not want to upset him if you were to think we work together and I make any mistakes. Anonymous is full of leaderless indivduals like myself. No one but myself convinced me to do this for him/us, and if he wants the URL back then it is his. He just has to prove to me he is going to remake his site. I'll take instead or .org or something. For free. It just has to be soon. I was told he gave it up so if he tried to take it back 20 years from now after it gets famous I would have to decline and assume it is not even him or that he changed for greed. I'd let him be admin maybe instead if he deserved it.


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