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One of the funniest videos of this decade. Bush Seniors funeral.

Nothing makes me more happy to see crocodile tears and evil people mourning over other evil people. It is a very good feeling. I believe 911 was an inside job. They are working for China and pretend it matters to them that the guy was a vet. As if it mattered to them at all. As if freedom and liberty over seas was really their main objective. I doubt it. Just look what Bill Clinton did. They all love it and reap benefits. It's all about sponsorships and China sponsors them all but Trump. That's why so many idiots think he is okay because they think he is the lesser of evils. Still though a bad choice is bad even if all the other choices are worse!!! A globalist is a globalist!! The real Q Anon hacker would not support this man who worked with Epstein!!!

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