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I don't want to coexist with Nazis and neither should you. Never trust a demon or it will take your soul!!!! I can't belive I was so stupid! All because some gangster piece of shit attacked me and the cops saved my life I was a boot licker for a year but now I remember they didn't save me! They put me in danger! If I had a gun I could of pulled it out on that gangster and told him to stop chasing after me in his car, if he continued to follow I would of had to get out of my car with my gun and warn him not to get close, if he tried taking my gun I could of probably legally killed him myself. WHAT GOOD ARE THE POLICE! I DONT NEED THEM! I AM A GOOD MAN WHO OBEYS LAWS WITHOUT THE NEED OF POLICE BECAUSE I AM A GOOD ETHICAL MORAL MAN WHO COULD EASILY GET RID OF ALL THE EVIL BY DEFENDING MY LIFE!!! That gangster chased after me because I was parked outside of his crack den!!! He is a gangster scumbag and the police let him go! They are a bunch of piece of shit cowards! They took my gun rights away though and sent me to a psych ward but they let gangster run around rampant! No more! They must have bad karma and they must have it as soon as possible!

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