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My prediction for the future of space travel.

There won't ever be any. However if there were to be space travel some day I predict they will use green lasers to transmit data far distances quicker. That is because it travels much faster and farther than any radio signal or even cell phone signals which may be the speed of light but can not travel as far. The reason for this is because most cell phone signals can only travel at most about 100 miles/kilometers while lasers on the other hand travel forever until they hit an asteroid or other surface. Using binary code we can point at one planet to another using these lasers. A camera AI would see the light and read it's code to transfer the data. AI would be used to predict when the right time would be to do it, the perfect time when nothing is in the way of it's sight. If an asteroid passes by there could be "save sequences" that it goes back to and starts over.

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