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Message to all Teenagers! Wake the fuck up! China will kill us all! Become a rocket scientist!!!!!

We need to stay strong in space and in the sky's. Whoever controls the highest points of a battle has the upper hand. They can send down bombs and we wouldn't even see them coming!!! Do something now!!! Stop being stupid!!! Wake up!!! Start being smart!!! Learn every day!!! Go to college!!!! Every job matters!!! We all play a part! Be the best worker you can be. Save your money. Invest in guns! Whether you are a rocket scientist or a delivery driver. You can be apart of the global resistance. Against the fascist communist dictatorship. Before they claim every Country as their own territory. China is doing it to Taiwan and India as we speak and they want to go after Japan next and the Oceanic Countries. They are hell bent on domination. They are the real imperialists. They make American Government look like an angel! Believe me I have been researching China for a little over 10 years now so I know just how evil they are!!!

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