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Is the World Government thinking about illegalizing Linux???

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

If they do this it is total internet war. One they will never win. Worse than the war on drugs. You would see hackers defacing websites like never before, extremist hackers would target children websites with graphic images. It would not be good for anybody. Especially the Government whose whole family would be targeted. Lastly, guys like me would be sitting on a gold mine because we have old versions of security oriented linux operating systems that would cost over a 100 dollar for one small bootable usb drive if it were to ever become illegal some day and sell on the black market or to a friend. I don't think it would happen because they don't want their family to have psychological problems or even worse, and they don't want to see nerds like me happy; so don't expect it to happen but just know they are really pushing for it hard.

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