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In case any dumb sheep thinks about taking me to court over something posted on this site in the ...

future. I want them to know how much of a waste of time that would be for them. Not only do I have plenty of money saved away in the bank for lawyers but I also am related to Frank Policelli and Louie Brindisi. Both who have represented the Mafia in NY and won. Frank once even threw a suit case at a judge. These families are very close to me and would represent me for free. I'd pay them though and even do house keeping for them if I had to pay more then I have. I am very safe in that aspect. I expect this website to stay up for a long time mainly because of it. No one wants to take me to court if they know it won't even effect me at all. I wouldn't even have to go to the court house. 🤣 Also I am diagnosed with a mental disorder so I can get away with a lot more then normal people can. I know for a fact. They can't send me to war either even though that's off topic kinda I'm just saying that I am completely untouchable.

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