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If anything ever happens to me, save this link

This link is the official link for this website. That means if I stop paying wix and my domain hoster then all that will remain is a slower version of my website under that link address. It wasn't that slow but less people would be able to join which means once the website hit it's max no one else would be allowed in and if I'm not there to delete people you all should be very careful who you invite here. Once an account is created it cannot be deleted unless I choose to delete it. So if something happens to me then y'all are kinda fucked but will still have freedom here. The only thing I think might happen is I may go AWAL. I am growing sick and fucking tired of this society and am considering retirement inside a deep forest somewhere down south closer to the border then I am now. Probably in America seeing how there is already so much homelessness there I'd feel more safe and less judged then I would in other closer Countries. I think a huge under ground bunker made out of stone or hard clay would suffice me. Literally all I need is my distiller and a backpack for my laptop for when I decide to go to McDonald's just for free WIFI.

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