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I think I might be half Muslim....

That's because I think it is sinnful or wrong or whatever you want to call it when a partner leaves for more than a night without their significant others approval or ability to come with. Even if only for a vacation. I think it is selfish and immature. Whether a women or man, idiots shouldn't leave their loved ones if it upsets them or if they can't go for some reason and are worried for their safety. It sounds clingy but then again people are killing kids in class for fun with live streaming it on twitch and broadcasting pumped up kicks through the schools speaker system. Meanwhile mountain lions/bears/sharks/coyotes/wolves claim thousands of lives and your lover loves you, you ain't just a piece of ass to watch come and leave I assume if he/she is your "lover" (significant other). There is also another plandemic going around way worse than covid or even WW3 and that is the horse tranq/fetanol/spice/ROOFIES/meth/crack pandemic going on in America and even in places like China! ALL OVER PEOPLE ARE DOPED UP MORE THAN I AM ON POT, AND THEY DO IT FOR A HIGH!!! Typically in my opinion, in relationships it is the more feminine type whether a bottom or women who end up going on more vacations than the other partner. They are happen to be less observant and way more careless. As well as being "granny drivers" as I would call them, driving slow and not the best. This means there are so many bad things that can happen to them and it just so happens criminals/terrorists normally pick tourist locations busy or not!!

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