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I introduce to you. Intercept X App. The best Android anti virus there is.

No doubt about it, this is the best. I feel so safe that I actually can click on phishing links and it will tell me exactly what the link will do and allow me to block it from working or allow it to work if you are testing it on yourself and just want to see what will happen. This app will detect all malware/virus and delete them. When I say all I mean everything like spyware Trojans and ect. It has a huge list of malware it search's for. It also helps you secure your phone from close encounter attacks by reminding you to turn off USB debugging. It also does a ton of other cool things as well. The only con is it has an annoying message saying root and unlocked bootloader's are a security risk but we already know that. Unless you don't have the money or knowledge of what you are doing then you have nothing to worry about when it comes to rooting just make sure not to grant anything malicious root access and make sure to lock twrp.

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