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I don't know all the owners of Wix but they seem like wholesome, trustful people so far.

They haven't interfered with my website at all. I can post whatever I want on here and it would be the responsibility of my own local Government to stop me if I was to post something really bad. However I am sure if it was super bad like very extremist content or CP they'd probably report it their selves hopefully. Also their services are perfect with only a couple dozen things I'd wish were included in. For example unlimited storage, more choices of controlling users like bans for only device instead of just entire IP address, better mobile version for Google Chrome, being able to read everybody's private messages, get their GPS location, more apps for things like security/anonymity/userability, and I could think of a little over a dozen other things as well probably that would make me say if all implemented that Wix is absolutely the best domain hoster on the entire planet which is owned/operated by some of the greatest characters.

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