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How FBI caught hacker PomPomPurin. They got his IP with wireshark and used OSINT to find his name.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

His name was on an email he messaged someone about it in a public post. They called up google and google gave the FBI his recent purchase information that had his credit card tied to it and his house address. This guy clearly was not worried about getting caught. Literally, I think they didn't even need a cyber security team to take him down like they did for Kevin Mitnick. This was the most pathetic crack down I ever heard about in my opinion...... I don't really know for sure though because people are saying they had to breach his website to know for sure whether that was his actual IP or just another tor exit node. I think not though, i think they didn't even have to hack his website to find him. He was a hacker, hacking his website would of been really dangerous for them to do on a kid who is only a threat to individual civilians (for the most part) like Vinny his main target. The only time his website was "hacked" is right after he was caught by the FBI. He probably gave them his password and username for the website so he could get a lighter sentence and hope for a chance to be able to work as a hacker some day for some company like YT Cracker is doing right now or even Sabu......

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Mar 26, 2023

See from my viewpoint it seems as if not a single hacker was deployed to catch this guy. Literally a script kiddy newbie FBI agent could have done all of this by himself off duty as a spare time hobby to donate his time for internet security......

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