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How cemeteries of the future should be!

Everyone knows it is a waste of space and bad for the environment to have cemeteries the way they are now (tombstones and caskets). Instead the bodies should either be cremated or composted in a tiny forest somewhere close to home. Either ashes or rotten boddies will be dug into the ground. Depending on depth, you can fit a ton of bodies underground. Then we have the family build a short lived fruit tree over it. Like a 10 to 20 year life tree that produces flowers and fruits which could help the environment thrive. Instead of driving through, it would be a dirt foot path you would have to walk on to the tree. The entire property would be all fenced in/gated off, so you would have to park in the parking lot up front and walk through the Mausoleum in order to make it to the fruit tree garden. After the tree dies, you sell your passed loved ones lot to someone else and you might even make money depending on the current market. The image of the tree, an obituary, a list of all important family members if they are willing, and anybody who wants to add comments to the obituary would be saved in a server cloud and would be printed to ensure your loved ones will live forever in the Mausoleum (on a giant computer screen for everyone to see) as if they were a digital Egyptian Pharaoh! The image of the face scan is there to depict how people could comment under anybodies obituary. A proper face scan with AI to detect eyes are open and face is real, this way we all know who said it no matter if it was vile or not; we all believe people should be held accountable if something like that happens to someone we love so Anonymous comments would be off limits (unlike on obituary websites)! This idea would be good for the environment, it would allow for people to still see their history, the obituary could be way longer for anybody to come and read, family members can add their own stories underneath the obituary, it would produce food for the hungry, it would produce pollen for bees, and many other good aspects about this new idea for cemeteries that I can't think about right now. Hopefully one day people will come to their senses and take over my idea, instead of continuing to cut down forests to replace it with grass and tombstones....

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