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FrankPrank discovered the real way to jailbreak iphones before Linux Tech Tips did.

Linus would have you believe that Checkra1n is how you jailbreak your device. You know Linus the famous YouTuber with over a million views on a lot of his videos. Well maybe in the past Checkra1n worked IDK but in the present I tried his method step by step and it never worked like so many have claimed it would. Does that mean Linus Tech Tips is a scammer? A troll; or maybe misinformed??? You decide. Here on FrankPrank under the domain name Anonsforever, we don't troll/scam/misinform. We only are Frank and constantly tell the truth. Real info on how things get done correctly. We don't waste our users time! We benefit them as much as possible!!! That is because we care about our FAM!!!!

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