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Cops teach cops to cook meth. I couldn't imagine how this could go wrong in the future.

This is why you shouldn't trust anybody's Cannabis Sativa. Grow it yourself. You will thank me later. One puff of this shit and you'll be somebody's bitch for the rest of your short life. If the drugs don't kill you then your dealer probably will. Anyone willing to drug someone or even sell drugs that toxic are evil enough to kill you over some petty shit. They could always get more customers but you can't always get more lives. So be safe out there Fam. Grow your own. I got seeds if you need any. Outdoors or indoors it grows like magic. Indoors is more challenging then outdoors. Outdoors you just gotta make sure it gets big enough to see tiny buds growing and keep snails off it then it grows fine all by itself due to not having any predators big enough to kill it. Indoors though you gotta water it for it's entire life and waste electricity.

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