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Controled opposition Michael Mayhem claims trucker freedom convoy is psyop and he is a hacker god

This wannabe know it all loves pushing his controlled opposition narrative on others. So much so that he even has his girlfriend verbally attack people on Facebook if they disagree with him. The freedom convoy isn't his only target though. I also have proof he thinks Assange is a CIA asset. You know, Julian Assange the man permanently in prison over conspiracy charges. After leaking Data he allegedly hacked from globalist pedophiles. The man who is practically responsible for Epstein's conviction. Is somehow a CIA asset?? Even when searching online not a single thing pops up besides for a couple crazed conspiracy theorists on YouTube with very little subscribers and have no evidence to backup their claims. They just make statements and end their video. For example statements like, ("Hello subscribers in this video I will talk about Assange. Assange is a demon out of hell. Thanks for watching, believe what I say or I will have my girlfriend come after you with all the creeps who follow her on Instagram") If you are thinking that sounds like a video Michael Mayhem would make then you are correct. Just don't forget about all the cool animations he also will add in with copy righted music mixed with people talking/noises that can somehow be associated with Anonymous. Michael Mayhem once even pretended to be a guy name Kurt Cobain on Facebook. He (Michael Mayhem) would go around finding real Anons and try to scare them by using Wireshark to get their IP and then say he was an FBI agent doing an investigation and that if we don't comply and admit what we did then he would have us raided with guns and kick our doors down. Then he'd say the city of the IP address and say he knows everything because he has been spying on us with a trojan we somehow got on our device. Then after back and forth arguments about what I am or am not doing that is illegal he got "hacked" by himself. That's when Michael Mayhem pretends to be your hero to save the day by taking down the troll after he realizes there is no way he can rat on you for crimes he suspected of you committing. If you want my opinion it sounds like Michael Mayhem is a fake Anon and a fucking rat bastard!!! Worse then Sabu!! This punk in my opinion should have all his accounts deleted by Anonymous and his devices should be destroyed!!! Hey Michael if you are reading this then either prove Assange is a CIA asset or shut the fuck up!!! No one gives a fuck about your theories besides for your girlfriend and her friends. Also quit trying to make people think you are a hacker. Unless you got a botnet you ain't shit. I read a conversation of yours, someone said you need multiple devices and you said you were using a couple. A real DDOS attack requires thousands of devices across multiple IP addresses you dumbass!!! A botnet!! So shut the fuck up about hacking because you clearly know nothing about it. From that conversation alone I can tell I know way more about hacking then you do and I am a complete brain dead idiot when it comes to hacking so you know what that makes you Michael??? A box of rocks!!!

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