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China has robots now. They don't need humans anymore so they exterminate their own people.

Spraying chemicals in the sky and on every street. It is like back in the day in the USA when they were trying to kill mosquitoes. Except worse. Total lock down means they are still slaves that can only leave the house if they are "essential" worker. Communists do not own property, the State owns everything. They are not even allowed to have possessions. Everything is owned by the leader of that State. Police can just destroy your food stand for no reason, no question, sidewalk businesses strictly forbidden. It is becoming like the movie Idiocracy except way more fascist. Everyone's favorite color has to be red. They all have to cut their hair. This is North Korea on meth people. This isn't one meth head either, this is like if you walk into an abandon mall and discover 60,000 undocumented tweakers free basing in a pile of retched feces.

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