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Black gang in Philly feeds meth to pregnant prostitute at abandoned buisness!

These are the kind of degenerate filth you would expect to find over seas in Xi Jinping's cabinet or ISIS leaders Al-Baqdaddy's cabinet. Not here in the most free and brave Country on the planet!!! I have no idea what this lady did to them that was so bad but it looks like they drugged her while she was pregnant with her husbands baby. Look real close. Also the black women is holding another baby which was blurred too much to tell the skin color but you can barely see a baby on her lap next to a meth head sucking on her pipe. Perhaps they laced her weed with meth and look at her now. This is not something Anonymous treads lightly with. Had I walked by and seen this, these people would have been interegated on live and I would of had to kill the gangster on the bike to defend my life. No problem at all! If that makes me crazy then send me away and I will target these fuckers on the inside! win/win. They are weak ugly dumbed down gangster scum. Anybody who would rape or drug a women is too stupid to even get a women to do what they say without drugs, what makes anybody think they are smart enough to challenge regular workers? This punk never worked a day in his life, 8 hours a day his arms are limp and the other 8 he is jerking off to children I bet! I would target all my hate at him. It is obvious that him and all his hoes (white & black) are no good trash ruining our society. They belong behind bars. No other question of it. These people are lucky there are cameras and cops everywhere. They do not even realize or appreciate how the police protect them. They are treated like kings compared to what would happen to them if there were no cops. Country folk would be hunting them for sport after what they did to the community. Knocking on their mother's door like "well if you see him just tell him I want to buy drugs, Im not poaching or hunting or anything like that, I swear!!"

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