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Bill Gates wife admits she was suspcious about Bill and Jefferey Epsteins relationship.

What makes me sick to my stomach is that weirdos like Bill have billions of users and I only have like 5 who check up on my site once in a blue moon. Meanwhile guys like this do blow off of a minors flat chest and everybody gives him their money. I can't even afford to go to college!!! I DON'T RAPE KIDS LIKE BILL PROBABLY DID!!! I DESERVE WAY MORE STUFF THAN HE DOES AND SO DOES ANYBODY READING THIS!! BILL IS THE WORST OF THE WORST! A RACIST AND PROBABLY A PEDO NOW.... SMFH....

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Jan 06, 2023

Bill makes other racists look like good guys. Bill ruins their names though and on a whole, makes them targets for extremism.

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