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We need to understand that humanity must go through deep personal healing on an individual level before the ills of the world will begin to transform. All the negativity we see manifested in the physical realm is a result of our own internal fears and pains. Once we are ready and willing to face ourselves and begin the healing process we will see an increase in compassion, cooperation and creation. By choosing to reflect on our doubts, fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams, we can come to know ourselves more deeply and begin to understand the ways we are limiting ourselves. Thus, our knowledge and application of freedom is more full.

How can we truly know what freedom means to us as a people if we do not understand ourselves? The truth is we cannot. We may educate ourselves on the failures of the state and maybe even overthrow that state through competition and peaceful resistance, but we will find ourselves facing similar conditions within a couple hundred years or so if we continue to operate on the same level of consciousness.

If we do not deal with the root causes of humanity’s pain, then we are only applying band aids to a gaping wound that desperately needs healing. Imagine a post-revolution world without a spiritual transformation– educated groups of Anarchists running around battling each other’s egos due to lack of empathy and unresolved internal conflict. The revolution without healing is a recipe for disaster. We need to evolve forward– not continue to go in circles.

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