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An interview with Tor Eckland. Talks about Arron Swartz and more.

"Anonymous's" lawyer Tor Eckland is very much like Jay Leiderman. That being, he represents "Anons". I put quotes because it is all alleged and for all I know he is helping the fakes. Lawyers take any case they have to for profit. I cannot research every client either. Also, anyone can call their self Anonymous and hack shit but not everyone can truely believe they are apart of the collective, some fake it for greedy reasons. So are infiltrators trying to get a better rep in the legion so they can manipulate us all into trusting them. For all I know... All I really know is though, if my ass was in a cyber pinch, I had no lawyers in my family, and had no other options; I would hire Tor Eckland to represent me too.

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Unknown member
Dec 20, 2022

Me too but I would never admit shit to Tor or any lawyer. They are entitled under the law to expose when a "serious" crime has been committed.

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